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Learn to Swim (LTS)

Learn to Swim Levels 1-8

Our ‘Learn to Swim’ levels are structured into 8 levels, ranging from complete beginners to competent swimmers in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and basic butterfly.

LEVELS: 1 TO 4 – Beginner. 

Teacher ratio – 1 : 4
Class duration: 30 minutes
These are our beginner levels, ranging from timid beginners to more advanced confident beginners.

At these levels we introduce children to:

  • Submerging
  • Floating on front and back
  • Rudimentary mobility via kicking and paddling

From there they become confident beginners and are introduced to more advanced competencies. These include: streamlining, formalized freestyle and backstroke arms, survival backstroke, treading water and jumping off the pool edge.

LEVELS: 5 & 6 – Intermediate.

Teacher ratio – 1 : 5
Class duration: 30 minutes
These are intermediate levels where children continue to develop their arm actions, breathing and the timing of their arms in freestyle.

Breaststroke kick is also developed along with longer treading water, duck diving, dives and summersaults.

We also work at extending the distances children can swim. We create drills to improve, balance in the water and prepare children for more complex stroke refinements.

LEVELS: 7 TO 8 – Advance.

Teacher ratio – 1 : 5
Class duration: 30 minutes
These are the more advanced levels in which we emphasise the development and timing of breastroke and refining bent arm recovery in freestyle and bilateral breathing.

These levels prepare children for school swimming carnivals/competitions.

We extend work on all strokes, tumble turns, diving and introduce basic butterfly. Like the levels before, treading water is continued for longer periods of time and breath control is enhanced through further duck diving and retrieval of sinkers.

We aim for advanced techniques for stroke efficiency with relaxed and fluid/graceful movements.