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Which bathroom should I use if I’m helping my child?

  • When a parent helps a child or multiple children change, please use the change room of the adult’s gender. If a mum is helping her sons she would use the female change room and vice versa.
  • We try to encourage kids 7 years and up to always use the change room of their gender.

Do our instructors teach in or out of the water?

  • Infant program and Learn to Swim Program: In the water.
  • We believe that up until these levels are mastered the children need a, hands on approach to develop their confidence and stroke technique.
  • Pre Squad: we have 1 instructor in the water and 1 out on pool deck.

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

  • How long is a piece of string?
  • Every child is different and develops at a different rate. They will eventually develop the same skills. Their ability and time to learn to swim depend on a variety of variables.
  • Do they have on-going lessons?
  • Their coordination.
  • Their willingness to learn
  • Quality of instructor
  • stoping over winter
  • Fear
  • How often do they miss lessons.
  • Holidays
  • The list goes on…

Children will also plateau at times in their swimming education where you feel they’re not learning. This is a time of consolidation and they are in fact still learning and should not be taken out of the program.

Should I stop swimming over winter?

  • NO!


Having breaks over winter terms will slow the momentum and great progress your child has made until then.

We all know the aim of swimming lessons firstly is to make sure our children are properly water safe…becoming an Olympic swimmer can be achieved later down the track.

To achieve this goal, swimming all year round will allow for water safe swimmers to happen much quicker and faster.