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Assessments & Rewards


Always evolving and staying ahead of the game. Starfish is now using a state of the art grading platform. All instructors have their own tablets in the class to use to grade their students. This information is uploaded in real time so parents can instantly track their child’s performance and development through the starfish levels/curriculum. Starfish prides its self on staying at the forefront of the industry. Parent feedback has always been about progress and communication. This program will provide this information in a clear and simple format.

We are implementing this technology to provide you with a first class swimming lesson experience.

Through the parent portal you will be able to track your child’s progress as they move through the swim program; see your current class information and the competencies required within each level; print certificates for completed levels and interact with our swim team.

The Parent Portal will form the basis of our communication to you – you will receive e-mails when assessments have been completed and will easily be able to identify areas that require additional focus.

You can expect for your child to be assessed at least once every 10 to 12 weeks.

The portal is also mobile compatible so you can view the content on your phone

We are excited to introduce this initiative to serve you better and keep you up to date with your child’s lesson progress.


We have a structured curriculum with set competencies at every level. For true learning, skills need to be replicable and consistent – not a ‘one off’ performance. For a level to be achieved, children need to show the competency on more than one occasion.

Some children may regress during holidays whilst others become more confident in the water. In the first lesson of each term we re-check competencies and practice basic revision. This often highlights a need for some children to move levels.


Certificates are a great motivator and create a sense of excitement.

All children in our program receive a certificate when they progress to a new level. ‘Milestone’ certificates are also presented when children master key foundation skills such as submerging, personal best times, distances, etc…